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Green Plains Riga

Corn becomes ethanol and more in Riga

Posted on September 16th, by Marcia Loader in News. Comments Off on Corn becomes ethanol and more in Riga

RIGA — While corn harvest in the region is still weeks away, there remains is a steady stream of corn-laden semi trucks heading east just over the railroad tracks on Silberhorn Highway south of U.S. 223 daily.

According to officials at the Green Plains Renewable Energy ethanol production facility, between 80 and 100 semi trucks unload corn there every day and approximately 57 million gallons of ethanol go out each year.

Green Plains has been operating in Riga since it purchased Global Energy in 2010 that included the Riga location which has now been in operation for seven years. While the main product the facility produces is ethanol, several other products made from the corn is also produced on site. Distillers grain used for feed, corn syrup and corn oil are shipped out and carbon dioxide products are produced by a neighboring … Read More »

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