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Deer Run Apartments Deerfield

Deerfield manslaughter defendant faces preliminary exam

Posted on March 15th, by Marcia Loader in News. Comments Off on Deerfield manslaughter defendant faces preliminary exam

By Melissa Burnor

Very little new information was revealed March 9 at Jacky Bell’s preliminary examination. The 44-year old Clayton man has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Nathan Vance on  Sept. 22, 2015.
Vance died as a result of an alleged fist fight outside of the Deer Run Apartments on East River Street in the village of Deerfield.
“There will be another time to argue the facts of this case,” public defender Rodney Leon said.
The defense does not deny that Bell took part in a fight between the defendant and Vance. They claim that Bell acted in self-defense in an altercation where Vance was the instigator.
Bell’s attorney also asked for  a bond of $5,000 or lower or even a personal recognizance bond.
His original bond of $50,000 had been reduced to $30,000 at his arraignment by Judge Jonathan Poer.
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