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Local primary election results reviewed

Posted on August 8th, by Marcia Loader in News. Comments Off on Local primary election results reviewed

Following are Advance area primary election results from Tuesday, Aug. 7:

Lenawee County Election Results
Brian Calley 1,768
Patrick Colbeck 2,021
Jim Hines 1,094
Bill Schuette 4,350

US Senate
John James 6,096
Sandy Pensler 2,762

D7 US Congress
Tim Walberg 8,457

D17 State Senate
Dale W. Zorn 8,421

D57 State Representative
Bronna Kahle 7,895

D7 Lenawee County Commissioner
Robert P. Knoblauch 1,209

Blissfield Township Trustee
Unresolved Write-In 34

Blissfield Township Precinct 1 Delegate Vote for 2)
Anatoly Ermakov 17
Natalia Ermakov 34
James Hart 73

Blissfield Township Precinct 2 Delegate Vote for 7
Charles Cory 210
Timothy L. Watters 177

Ogden Township Precinct Delegate (Vote for 3)
Kenneth L. Staup 54
Joshua Van Camp 58

Palmyra Township Precinct Delegates (Vote for 6)
Laura Brown 194
Kathryn Eisenmann 169
Tom Eisenmann 175
Galen Engel 165
Sydney Ann Engel 160

Riga Township Precinct Delegates (Vote for 4)
Carol J. Knoblauch 98
Robert P. Knoblauch 105
Kevon Martis 79

Abdul El-Sayed 2,103
Shri Thanedar 717
Gretchen Whitmer 4,112

US Senate
Debbie Stabenow 6,463

D7 US Congress
Gretchen Driskell 5,506
Steven Friday 1,171

D17 Michigan Senate
Bill LaVoy 6,702

D57 Michigan Representative
Amber Pedersen 5,660
Lenawee County Road Commission
Stan Wilson 6,020

D7 Lenawee County Commissioner
James Shuster 582’

Blissfield Township Trustee
Unresolved Write-In 36

Bill Gelineau 36
John J. Tatar 29

D17 State Senate
Chad McNamara 48

Non-Partisan Ballot Issues

Judge of Probate Court (Vote for 1) Two advance to November Ballot
Kristi Drake 3,488
Gregg P. Iddings 4,462
Todd M. Morgan 1,496
Catherine A. Sala 3,489

Lenawee County Medical Facility MIllage
Yes 9,012
No 5,372

Deerfield Twp. Road Millage Renewal Yes 115, No 79
Deerfield Twp. Fire Equp. Renewal Yes 141, No 53
Deerfield Twp. Fire Operations Renewal Yes 135, No 46

Palmyra Twp. Amended Zoning Ordinance Yes 163, No 419

Palmyra Twp. Fire Renewal Yes 383, No 206
Riga Twp. Road Renewal Yes 175, No 54
Riga Twp. Fire MIllage Yes 183, No 48

Monroe County
Brian Calley 2,773
Patrick Colbeck 1,672
Jim Hines 1,748
Bill Schuette 8,226

US Senate
John James 8,268
Sandy Pensler 5,601

D7 US Congress
Tim Walberg 13,073

D17 State Senate
Dale W. Zorn 13,073

D56 State Representative
Jason M. Sheppard 7,710

D9 Monroe County Commissioner
J. Henry Lievens 1,572

Whiteford Township Precinct 1 Delegate (Vote for 5)
Jay Stahl 158
Brittany Stahl 148

Abdul El-Sayed 2,830
Shri Thanedar 1,912
Gretchen Whitmer 7,280

US Senate
Debbie Stabenow 11,125

D7 US Congress
Gretchen Driskell 9,877
Steven Friday 1,482

D17 Michigan Senate
Bill LaVoy 10,754

D56 State Representative
Ernie Whiteside 5,390

Non-Partisan Ballot Issues
Monroe County Central Dispatch Surcharge Proposal Yes 13,141, No 9,520

Whiteford Twp. Cemetery Millage Proposal Yes 268, No 302

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