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DAVE BECKER Plastering.
New walls and ceilings plus patching. Free estimates. No job too small. 30 years experience 734-854- 6474 5/15tfn


Large Fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Delicious! Chemical-free! Also turkey breast and turkey ham. 517-403-3854. 12/19


For Rent. Downtown Blissfield, one bedroom apartment. Available November 1st. Heat, furnished. $575. No pets. Call Tom. 419-304-1212. 10/24tfn


Established farmer looking for farm ground to rent. Please call 419-344-6198. 11/28

The Hot-Cha-Cha 5K Mug Run needs warmly dressed volunteers with a flashlight to help direct runners Friday, Dec. 7. Potential volunteers are asked to email Marcia Loader at for assignment on a corner. The route is the same this year, so anyone who lives on the route and would like the corner near their house is asked to indicate that fact. For high-schoolers needing volunteer service hours, we will be happy to acknowledge the time spent for credit. For anyone wanting extra service hours, there are other volunteer duties beginning at 4:30 p.m. that day. Those on corners will be asked to be in place by 6:20 p.m. for the 6:30 p.m. race start. 11/28


H.D. Ellis Inn Bed and Breakfast 415 W. Adrian St. Blissfield, MI. Call 517-486-3155. Are relatives, friends or business associates coming to visit? Need a home away from home for an extended stay? All rooms include private baths, TV, wifi and a full breakfast. 6/7tfn


Renaissance is hiring direct care staff to assist adults with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. Interested applicants call Becky – 517-920-4447 ext. 1# 4/19tfn


Looking for Class of 1969 Whiteford High School graduates. 50th class reunion plans in progress. Contact either John Vesey – (269-808-7609) or Kathy Bella – (517-605-5221). 11/21


Palmyra Township Board
Regular Meeting
November 8, 2018 Regular Meeting
Members present: Jim Isley, Chris Whited, Matt Koester, and Perry Pooley
Members absent: Steve Papenhagen
Supervisor Isley called meeting to order at 7:03 pm
The October 11, 2018 Regular Meeting minutes were approved, and all reports received were approved as presented.
Time was allotted for public comment.
Communications: Supervisor Isley reported that the brush on the south side of Crane Cemetery needs to be removed. Trustee Pooley volunteered to remove the U.S. flags from the burial sites. Supervisor Isley reported that he will contact LCRC about a pothole on Ogden Hwy. A village drainage informational meeting will be held at the Township Community Building on November 20th at 7:00 p.m. Attorney Frank Riley has resigned as the Township attorney.
Unfinished Business: The AMAR review was discussed with no action required.
New Business: Matt Dunbar has resigned from the PTFD, effective Nov. 1, 2018; Approval to schedule a date to meet with the LCRC; Approval for the Supervisor to contact attorney Jeff Juby to discuss the prospect of providing legal counsel to Palmyra Township; Approval for the Supervisor to contact attorney Catherine Moore should Jeff Juby turn down his request; Approval to continue to have Lenawee County collect the summer tax; approval for the Supervisor to draft a letter to the LCRC and the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department requesting that a reduction in the speed limit and an increase of patrols on Humphrey Hwy. be considered; a change in the SOP for Fire Association members was discussed.
Bill Payment: All Township and PTFD bills presented were approved for payment.
Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.
Next regular meeting will be held December 13, 2018
Complete Minutes of these or any other Palmyra Township meeting may be obtained from Christine Whited, P.O. Box 97, Palmyra, MI 49268. Approved minutes can be viewed on our website at
Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Whited, Clerk (320)


The meeting of the Deerfield Village Council was called to order by President Todd Nighswander.
Trustees Present: Kevin Eggleston, Mike Gilson, Dave Rogers, Connie Sieler, Nate O’Connor
Absent: Donna Holubik & Superintendant Conner.
Guests: Bob Knoblauch – Co. Commissioner, Sam Branscum, Andrea Harlow Troop 60392, Larry Guenther, Andrea Frank, Joel LaRocca, Angela Boma & Gretchen Rea from Monroe Bank & Trust.
Minutes of the meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer’s Report – Motion Sieler to approve treasurer’s report 2nd Gilson Carried.
Village Supt.’s Report – Report on file & website.
Police report & Building Inspector Report – Reviewed.
Planning Commission-Grants for tree replacement require matching funds. Recommend that notice be put on website that pool ordinance will be enforced for those putting up pools next spring.
New Business – Christmas Tree Lighting will be Dec. 2nd 5:45 cookies and 6pm tree lighting. Angela Boma & Gretchen Rea from Monroe Bank & Trust offered to do a proposal to provide service for the Village. Bob Knoblauch – Co. Commissioner said the building project is going well and that the 2019 Budget is ready to be voted on. Motion Sieler to allow Girl Scout Troop 60392 to put up a free little library next to the Village office. 2nd. O’Connor – Carried. She will contact Supt. Conner in the spring. Larry Guenther discussed with the Council the speeding problem on Keegan Street. Council will look into gaining patrol time in the morning and a “Your Speed” detector being put up. Andrea Frank wanted info. about constructing a stairway on the property beside the Deerfield Grocery to gain access to the upstairs. They directed her to inquire at the County to find out who owned the property and to contact the building inspector. Motion Gilson to adopt Ord.# 27 Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments 2nd. Eggleston. Yeas: Nighswander, Eggleston, Sieler. Nays: Rogers & O’Connor – Carried.
Motion Sieler to adjourn meeting @ 8:30 Second O’Connor Carried.
Next Council meeting Dec. 3, 2018.
Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Wylie (334)

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